Bear peering behind ferns and foliage

Bute Inlet Tour

8.5 – 9.5 hours
Aug 20 – Oct 15
8:30am &10:00am
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“The XWE’MALHKWU, or Homalco, First Nation are known as the people of the fast running waters … Like other Coastal First Nation peoples, the Homalco thrived on the bounty of the ocean, lived well in the village sites, and had all other necessities for everyday living. Travelling with the seasons for gathering, hunting and fishing, the Homalco people shared in the resources throughout the territory, and above all were taught to respect the ever-so-sacred cedar tree.”

quoted from the Homalco Wildlife and Cultural Tours website

Journey to the Orford River Valley

aboard a comfortable, high-speed covered vessel where you will be taken on to the traditional territory of the Homalco First Nation via bus to a series of viewing platforms.  The Orford River offers some of the best Grizzly Bear viewings on the West Coast and we can guarantee that this tour will be the experience of a lifetime. Join us as we take our time travelling to the Orford, prioritizing time to stop to view whales and wildlife along the way.

We are proud to offer the longest Grizzly Tour into Bute Inlet, at 8-9 hours long, with a focus on marine wildlife viewing, as well as Grizzly Viewing.

We require a minimum age of 10 years old to participate in this tour.

Curious to read a first hand account of the tour? Check out this blog by guest blogger and photographer Kristian Gillies.


Pricing for Grizzly tours is broken down into three seasons, early season, primary season, and late season. In the Early season the salmon run is just starting, and we often see bears more spread out as they feed on shellfish and vegetation awaiting a rainfall to bring in the fish. We offer this period at a discounted rate. We also discount our late season rates as we move to the end of September because we have far less visitors to the area (despite the fact that sightings are still amazing!)

Early Season Rate (August 20 – August 27) $485

Primary Season Rate (August 28 – September 26) $529

Late Season Rate (Sept 27 – October 15) $485

Grizzly Bear in the shallow water at the side of the river. The background is a rocky shore. There are out of focus leaves in the forground.
Grizzly Bear with salmon in its mouth walking through the river. There is a rocky shore in the foreground and fallen branches in the background.
Image of a grizzly bear walking along the rocky riverside.
Image of a grizzly bear looking to the side.
Grizzly Bear in the shallow water in the river.
Sow Grizzly Bear walking along the rocks with two cubs following closely behind.
Two grizzly cubs walking along a fallen tree over the river.
Grizzly bear with sun shining on its back walking along the rocky river shore

On this tour you will enjoy:

  • Extra time allotted on the boat ride to the Orford specifically to view marine wildlife
  • Interpretation by your certified Naturalist and Captain
  • Homalco First Nation Bear Guide while on land
  • 3 hours on land in the beautiful Bute inlet
  • The opportunity to view Grizzly Bears try and catch and feed on spawning salmon from a series of covered, raised platforms
  • Natural beauty where telephoto lenses are commonly used but not necessary to get good pictures
  • A leisurely lunch of fresh made wraps, snacks of homemade baked goods and granola bars, and beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and water
  • Onboard Bathrooms

Age Restrictions: All passengers must be at least 10 years old